a black woman growing her hair faster with the use of prenatal vitamins


Prenatal vitamins contain many of the nutrients associated with healthy hair growth, such as Biotin, Vitamin B, calcium, and iron. Many pregnant women have reported having thicker, faster-growing hair while taking prenatal vitamins.
Different vitamins and minerals help regulate and support the body’s production and maintenance of proteins which are the building blocks of hair. When you consistently provide your body with the appropriate nutrients, it keeps several processes working efficiently, resulting in healthier organs, skin, and hair.

Folic acid (folate) has been shown to moderately deter the advancement of hair loss and curb premature greying. Prenatal pills promote hair growth and shine making your hair lustrous. Since many prenatal vitamins are not prescription pills, you can take prenatal vitamins even if you’re not pregnant and simply looking to grow hair and nails faster.

It’s advised that you consult a doctor first. If you are not pregnant and are not planning a pregnancy, high levels of certain nutrients over a long period may be more harmful than helpful. Prenatal vitamins are widely known to be taken by pregnant women, however, for those that take them when they are not;  proceed with caution, results may vary. The vitamins may turn out to be more harmful than helpful as is the case with anything used in excess.

Some women have tried blending prenatal vitamins with shampoo for hair growth. Do not do this. This method does nothing to grow your hair. Prenatal vitamins are effective only when taken orally so that your body can absorb and distribute its nutrients.