denman brush d 31

Benefits of Using a Denman Brush on Afro-textured Hair

Denman hair brushes are a popular detangling tool used by people with afro-textured hair.  The Denman brush ensures curl definition. Depending on the hair density, there is a variety to choose from. To prevent your hair detangling process from being painful, it is recommended that you detangle afro-textured with a conditioner. Make sure to spend time detangling your hair, since this is when you experience most breakage and pulling. Kinky hair is also known as Afro-textured hair. Some African and diaspora populations have this characteristic. Hair that is afro-textured grows denser than the hair of other types.

In order to achieve healthy kinky hair, a good detangling brush is a protocol. Denman brushes for natural hair come in many different forms, so you can choose one that’s right for your hair:

  • It’s made of nylon bristles that provide the tension needed to shape your afro-textured hair, making it ideal for this type of hair.
  • Its shape and weight make it perfect for detangling your hair for a long period of time.
  • The Denman brush allows your hair to flow through its bristles with ease giving each of your coils and curls the attention they need

Before you purchase a Denman hair brush, consider which type your hair needs:

               Denman D3 is medium, with 7 rows and pins that are close together.

               Denman D31 is medium also with 7 rows like D3 but with fewer pins/bristles.

               Denman D4 is large with 9 rows and more pins which are placed closely together.

               Denman D41 is also large with 9 rows and fewer pins that are further apart.

D3 and D31 are suitable for short to medium hair, D4 and D41 are suitable for long hair. They all play different roles according to hair type, texture, density, and length leaving your kinky hair perfectly sorted.

Detangle this hair texture while wet, or damp and conditioned. Brushing afro-textured hair when dry, can be very rough on the strands leading to damage. Denman brushes are available online and at beauty supply stores.