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Following A Social Media Influencer That Has Your Hair Type

Maintaining natural hair is unlike maintaining hair that has been processed or chemically altered. Natural hair can be very delicate and hard to manage for some. The best hack for learning how to handle your own hair is by following a social media influencer with your hair type.

Natural hair gurus are all over youtube and Instagram. They create followings by displaying beautiful hair and helping others toward achieving similar quality of hair. Geriatric millennials grew up seeing seductive Pantene Pro-V commercials. Women with type 1 hair were most often displayed. For many of those who did not have that hair type, the constant images led to self-image issues surrounding hair inasmuch as the supermodel standard of beauty caused anorexia and bulimia in teens during the same period.

Many black women thought they needed to process their hair with perms and relaxers to keep it nice back then. Unfortunately, natural hairstyles like braids and afros could get women with type 4 hair kicked out of class, the army, work, school, and profiled for crimes. Assimilation was of paramount importance for women with the kinkiest of hair based on harsh lived experiences.

In the early 2000s when the natural hair movement made its way to Youtube, African American women supported and followed its leaders in droves. Each one doing what is referred to as “The Big Chop” in an effort to remove all processed hair and regrow all-natural crops without chemical processes.

Women with afro-textured hair were learning as an online community how to manage their natural hair. Many never even know how curly or kinky their natural hair could be because they had never seen it before. It was common for Afro-American women to receive relaxers and perms as children which is a permanent hair straightener. A revival of braids, Bantu-knots and other natural hairstyles became so contagious that this natural hair movement reached those of African descent in the Uk and on Caribbean islands.

The hair typing system was introduced by a former hairstylist of media Mogul Oprah Winfrey. He referred to Kinky hair as Type 4 hair. This is the type of hair that was shared among the women who began the most recent natural hair movement.  Hundreds of them proving that women with ” nappy” hair can grow long luxurious hair so long as it is cared for properly.

Following someone like Kimmaytube can help you understand your type 4 hair. Naptural 85 has type 4a hair and has been very successful in helping other women learn how to love and grow their natural afro-textured hair. On top of hair typing, hair porosity is something that can do more to confuse than clarify the pillars of healthy hair. For this reason, it is better to find a hair twin and follow that person. In reality, no one is your hair twin, all hair is unique as a fingerprint, but what looks similar is sufficient for these purposes.

Sort through natural hair gurus on social media whose content focuses on hair care. Find one that suits you. Dig through their content for what their hair looked like when it was short, medium, and long. Sometimes a hair pattern can change shape due to the weight in length.  When you do not have time to learn an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge about how to care for your hair, the best thing to do is to find a “hair twin” who has found success with their own luxury locks. their hair.