Should You Use Hair Grease on Natural Hair

Should You Use Hair Grease on Natural Hair

As women with curly and natural hairstyles, natural hairstyle enthusiasts must give hair extra tender, love, and care. Healthy hair results from regularly washing and conditioning natural hair. But should you use hair grease on natural hair? Hair grease on natural hair has its set benefits and disadvantages. Let’s answer whether enhancing and protecting a natural hairstyle with grease is something that ladies with natural hair should consider. 


What is Hair Grease?

Forms of petroleum and mineral oils, are commonly used as hair grease. Petroleum-based hair care products come from the same Earth that we pollute every day with factory runoff, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, etc. 

Several questions about mineral oil and petroleum safety in cosmetic products cause concern that the mineral oils may not be clean enough even after refining. The oil used in medicinal creams undergoes more thorough refining and cleaning process.

Use Hair Grease with Caution on Natural Hair

 There are several benefits of using hair grease for your hair. Some of those benefits include:

Hair Grease is Extremely Affordable

One of the most well-known hair grease products on the market, Blue Magic, works excellent on hair textures. With the Blue Magic Hair Conditioner product, it is easy to keep hair hydrated and healthy. It is a conditioner that does a great job of moisturizing hair without leaving it feeling thick or greasy. And talk about affordability! A 3 pack of 12oz Blue Magic Conditioner Hairdress is $16.00 on

Hair Grease is Great with Managing Hair Porosity

Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Knowing your hair’s porosity will allow you to pick more suitable products, and it will also help you keep water in your hair longer.

There are three types of hair porosity

  • Low porosity
  • Medium porosity 
  • High porosity 

No matter the type of hair porosity, using traditional hair grease keeps moisture from getting out of your hair and prevents additional water from getting into the hair follicle. The key to hair grease and porosity is that you should apply the grease only to wet hair. Without doing so, expect nothing less than a brittle greasy mess! For optimal moisture retention, follow these steps:

  • Wash the hair
  • Deep condition 
  • Apply the hair grease (as a sealant) 
  • Dry hair on low heat 

While one might think that it would make hair feel greasy, it does not. Generally, when left in overnight, the following day, expect the result to be soft from the hair root to the tip. 

Hair Grease Can Protect the Scalp

Applying hair grease to the scalp has several benefits. Using grease in natural hair has some of the following benefits:

When properly used, natural hair care oil should never promote buildup on the scalp. Make sure, when applying oil to the hair, do not apply hair grease directly to the scalp with the intent of dandruff relief. 

Hair Grease Precautions for Natural Hair

Remember that our scalps contain various beneficial biomes that have a healthy yeast called Malassezia and other necessary beneficial bacteria. Certain hair greases can feed and disrupt the balance of good to harmful bacteria. This leads to a build-up of rapidly shedding skin cells, dandruff and surplus oil, resulting in more significant dandruff and scalp problems.

Generally speaking, hair grease provides temporary shine and gives an appearance that flakes from dandruff have disappeared. Still, in reality, the grease can clog hair follicles, accumulate on the scalp, and plaster flakes to the scalp, only making existing scalp conditions, like dandruff, much worse. Mineral oil and petrolatum make up the majority of hair grease. Both of those chemicals can easily create a moisture barrier. 

Also, note that hair grease can easily clog pores that suffocate the scalp, which is bad for natural hair or hair type. 

Hair Grease is Great for Wash’n Go

Natural hair tends to shrink when it is drying or loses moisture. With shrinking hair and tighter curls, tangling is more likely to happen. Hair that is tangled and dry tends to break off. The point of grease is to seal moisture in, which is the benefit of applying grease directly to the hair shaft. 

Hair Grease Helps Length Retention

Along your natural hair care journey, most go through a period where it seems like the hair is not growing. Although there may appear to be a problem with hair growth, the truth is that there is a problem with length retention.

Soft and manageable hair means less breakage, fewer fairy knots, and even less ripping when the hair is combed, brushed and styled. So the result means more length retention.

Natural Hair Care Responds Well to Hair Grease

Ultimately, use whatever type of hair care product prevents your hair from breaking while achieving your desired hairstyle. If the hair grease product that you use for your natural hair care routine makes your hair look and feel good, use what works. Just remember:


Be Careful with Grease Build Up

Take care when choosing the type of grease you will use for your natural hair care routine, especially if you have fine hair. The goal of any hair care regimen is to limit the amount of manipulation that occurs. The best way to avoid hair manipulation is to avoid activities that cause more handling of the hair!


Shampoo Your Hair Frequently


Once a week, shampoo your hair if you use hair grease as a part of your natural hair care routine. The best long-term natural hair care routine with grease includes washing the hair with a gentle shampoo once a week. You should follow a simple maintenance routine of shampoo, condition, water, grease, repeat. Grease attracts dirt more than other products, and it can build up and clog the cuticle layer. Unbalanced moisture levels make hair more prone to breakage with clogged cuticles.

An Alternative to Using Hair Grease in Natural Hair

There are specific types of natural haircare serums that work as a better alternative to grease. Hair serum is a concentrated silicone-based product that coats your hair strands to increase shine, keep frizz under control, and decrease tangles, leading to breakage. Despite its great sealant abilities, grease is more dense than any other product and attracts dirt. So, remember, in the end, if you have very fine hair or acne-prone skin, use a silicone serum instead.