Starter Locs Do’s and Don’ts

Starter locks are, in other words, called baby locs. Locs is a hairstyle made by washing your hair, but without combing it, you twist your hair instead while wet into tight braids or ringlets hanging down on all sides, whether short long. Locs can break off quickly if too dry or thin, and it is essential that create useful sections that are not too small. The locs are better maintained so that they may keep looking neat and be careful with product use. The person who makes starter locs is called a loctician, and you should always visit yours if you need any changes done.

Starter Loc DOs

Separate Your Locs

Separate your locs after washing-you should always try to separate your hair after washing because as your hair grows, it is perfectly natural that some strands of hair will grow together. It is necessary that periodically you lightly pull apart the hair at your roots. Not only will this keep your parting neat and intact, but when you refrain from separating the locs, it will also speed up the retightening process since your loctician won’t have to groom them for you.


As your hair continues to grow, chances are that you may find that your locs don’t require as much moisture as you previously required. However, please don’t push it, you must moisturize regularly. Hair that is free from moisture breaks easily, and the last thing you want is brittle locs.

Let Your Locs Air Dry

Let your locs air dry- This is a general natural hair tip, but it applies especially to those with locks, and you need to be extra careful with heat because it can be very damaging to hair. While those with unlocked hair can apply heat protecting creams and serums, you should tend to avoid heavy moisturizing products. Therefore, there is nothing you can use to try to protect your locks from heat drying. Make sure to let your hair air dry and avoid any potential damage.

Trim the Tips

Take the time to trim the tips of your locs after the initial locking procedure- this will allow for a clean and finished look on the ends of all your locs. Before considering to trim your locs, you should consider the loc stage to remove the old always consider your loctician before making that decision.

Starter Loc DON’TS


Picking Lint is NOT a Good Thing

Don’t try too hard to pick out the lint from your locks- If the lint doesn’t come out within 20 seconds, stop right now! When you continue to try to pick out the lint only weakens the hair coil, which is unhealthy for your hair.

Buds. They are a Good Thing

Don’t pull off the buds from the end of your locs-The small balls that form at the end of your locks are very important. The balls help your hair to mature and signify that you are approaching the end of the beginner phase. It can be tempting to pull them off, but if you do, the loc has to start budding all over again! You’ll just be slowing down the locking process.

Be Careful How You Moisturize

Don’t apply oils as moisturizer-carrier oil, like coconut oil, doesn’t moisturize your hair. They are great at sealing in moisture, but you have to have some to begin with. Besides, too much oil and moisturizer can cause slippage for those with beginner locks. If you’re looking to moisturize your hair, make sure to use a hair moisturizer with a water base.

Watch the Heat

Don’t blow dry or heat treat your hair at least one week before the first locking procedure. That’s because it damages natural hair leaving it dry and faded. This might also be painful and may damage your scalp.

Give Your Locs Time to Mature

Locs start to mature within one year, and you should not worry if yours doesn’t start growing because this depends on your hair’s texture. The stronger the hair, the faster it takes to develop, and the looser the hair, the longer it takes to grow. Locs are suitable for your hair and very economical because they last for long and can have many different looks.

Locs are a Low-Cost Protective Style

Starter locs in particular don’t cost much to maintain, and this is the first advantage. Locs are permanent and a protective style because hair is already gathered into locs. You also don’t have to make them every day, and this means that they are easily maintained; it makes the hair grow. Styling your locs can be easily styled for any occasion, which changes your looks and makes you look different.