beer rinse for afro-textured hair

The Benefits of Beer for Hair

Once upon a time at a faraway college campus sorority girls were repeatedly doused with beer kegs. Party after party they went back to their greek row houses soaked until they noticed a pattern. Their hair always looked amazing the day after being “kegged”.

I’d pick lustrous hair over being drunk any day. Beer is full of sugar and proteins. It hydrates and nourishes the¬†hair. Additionally, hair color is clarified and sheen is given. Hair growth can be stimulated and frizz is treated with this lotion.

Haircare circles have been buzzing about beer for some time now. In addition to beer shampoos, people are also using beer as a post-wash rinse or just to drink. Beer is rumored to make hair healthier, shinier, and more manageable.

For curly hair

Many people who have curly hair want fluffy defined curls. But it is possible only if the hair is very hydrated. In this way, beer can help to get it.

Firstly, you must boil a liter of water along with a glass of beer and a half lemon juice.

Next, rinse your hair with plenty of water after washing it with a shampoo you use regularly.

From root to tip, you can wash your hair with our beer mixture. Massage your scalp thrice a week to improve its effects.

 Repairs dry and damaged hair

You can repair your damaged and dry hair with beer. You should make a special mixture of beer and olive oil. The recipe is 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a glass of beer.

It can be applied in two ways:

As a hair mask, do this every 3 to 4 weeks. If you want to add this to your shampoo, you can do so. It will make the application easier, and you will also get an added boost in volume and all the benefits it has to offer.

Product for straightening your hair

Straightening or shaping your hair with beer will give you fantastic results. Wash your hair this way if that is the way you usually do it. After that, you need to separate your hair into four or six sections. And you have to apply a mug of beer to your hair. After 5 minutes, you should rinse with plenty of cold water. You don’t need to dry it with a hairdryer since you will notice the benefit when you comb.

You can also use beer to make your hair look shinier. Since the proteins bind with hair cuticles, the newly smoothed surface will better reflect light, making your hair look shinier. Additionally, beer contains B vitamins, which will make your hair shiny.

You can use beer as a shampoo, rinse, or leave-in conditioner

You can use beer as a hair rinse when you wash your hair by mixing it with equal amounts of water and adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar will help reduce the beer smell. Rinse your hair with beer after shampooing. Beer contains protein, which can strengthen your hair. Beer contains hops, which are natural astringents.