finger detangled hair

The Benefits of Finger-Detangling

The use of traditional combs and brushes often results in excessive damage to afro-textured hair.  Using your fingers to detangle your hair is suitable for all hair types. Certain combs and brushes are not suitable for all hair types due to teeth and bristles of a comb or brush being too sharp or too close to one another.  Patience and time are required.  In order to avoid damage to your hair, you cannot rush the process. Using our fingers, however, makes us more aware of the amount of tension we are using.  As opposed to blindly ripping out knots with a comb, we can more easily feel where the knots are.

Furthermore, finger combing distributes sebum evenly along the length of my hair.  Sebum is the natural oil produced by our scalp and it helps to keep my hair soft and pliable. There are some people who cannot detangle their fingers.  You need to be patient and perseverant.  Rushing this step can harm your hair just as much as using a comb.

1) Less breakage


Natural hair is less likely to break when finger-detangled. Fingers are better at finding knots than combs, which may need to go deep into them before they are felt, making knots even messier. when you have a knot, hold it by the base of the knot and pull each strange our one by one with a shimmying method. You will be amazed at how much hair you save.


2) Fewer tangles


It will result in fewer tangles because your fingers will be able to locate knots more easily. By using a comb, you’ll make a bigger mess of the tangle. You must cut through an impossible maze, instead of resolving this tangle that could have been easily sorted. Certain tangles and knots must e cut out of afro-textured hair no matter how you finger detangle. Finger detangling reduces how much you will need to cut or trim ovrall.


3) Healthy ends/strong ends


Using your fingers to detangle natural hair also gives your strands a healthier appearance and thicker ends since you are not tearing them apart. Combing indiscriminately rips through hair t give you the desired detangled result.


4) Less pain


Detangling the hair with your fingers is less painful than using a comb. Combing your hair with a comb can be painful! We often refer to the pain we experience while detangling with a comb as ” tender-headed”. By using your fingers, you can eliminate these problems.


5) Longer hair than before

Generally, hair experts say that combing hair too much can result in hair breakage, which is not desirable. You will have a hard time seeing the growth of your hair due to compromised length retention. Finger combing requires more patience than regular combing but is far more rewarding over a long period of time. Once your finger-detangling process is complete you can feel free to use a Denman brush or tangle teaser for the rest of your tangles until you are tangle-free.