a black woman holding a hair growth vitamin




  1. Hair Elasticity 

Vitamin A, frequently found in hair vitamins, can be useful for many purposes. When it comes to your hair, Vitamin A can keep your hair malleable and easy to style while sustaining a healthy shine. Vitamin A also supports the regulation of sebaceous glands, which is advantageous to the general health of the hair, keeping it strong, flexible, and healthy.

  1. Improved Strength

Vitamin C and Vitamin E together with saw palmetto can help to increase the strength of your hair. Saw Palmetto is an excellent herb for men in specific. Saw palmetto when added to a hair vitamin, works to improve the strength of the strand. It aids in regulating cell growth, both of which are of an advantage to the well-being of your hair. Vitamin C largely contributes to increasing your overall immunity as well. B-complex vitamins are also beneficial for treating and preventing immune deficiency and maintaining strong hair follicles.


  1. Blood Circulation 

 Vitamin B-3 aids in the circulation of blood on the scalp when applied. This will support a healthier scalp which in turn helps to stimulate the growth of hair. B-12 has also been shown to prevent hair loss. This is because it increases blood circulation in the scalp which can, in turn, circulate more nutrients to the hair follicles. 

  1. Retaining hair Color 

If you are someone who engages in hair bleaching and coloring, consider a strategy that enhances your hair’s elasticity between colorings. Vitamin B and B-5  are both beneficial when it comes to hair color maintenance. Vitamin B-6 regenerates melanin which is what carbon is called in the human body. Melanin can help with reversing or decelerating the graying of hair. In addition vitamin B-5 and B-6 help to lessen hair fall. 

  1. Thickening Hair

You will find vitamin C and E in most vitamin supplements used for hair. These are well known as dominant antioxidants. Vitamin E is great for promoting the circulation of blood to your scalp which in turn generates thicker hair. As the blood circulates downward it picks up the nutrients of your multivitamin. When it comes back up to the scalp it enriches the roots of your hair with these benefits. When the hair finally emerges it is stronger as a direct result.