Benefits of castor oil

What Are The Benefits of Castor Oil?

Castor oil has a number of benefits for internal and external health. It promotes faster healing of wounds and can be used as an effective laxative to clear the body of what it no longer needs. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years to benefit people in the area of health and beauty. here are a few examples of what castor oil can do for your hair:


Castor oil is a formidable moisturizer. It is ideal for retaining moisture and sealing in nutrients. Castor oil has a heavier consistency than many other oils (like coconut, avocado, and olive oil for example). It is a solution for dry hair. Afro-textured hair is the driest hair type on the planet. Castor Oil makes moisturizing easy; an essential part of retaining length for those with kinky hair.

Smooth frizzy ends

Castor oil is ideal for type 4 hair. Type 4 hair is the kinkiest of all hair textures according to the hair typing system. The driest and oldest part of your hair is the ends. Wor castor oil into the bottom three inches of afro-textured hair as a final styling step. Baby these last three inches. These last three inches of afro-textured hair can lead to lots of split ends and trimming if neglected. Moisturizing them lessens the need for trimming.


Castor oil can help open up the cuticle before deep cleaning product buildup. This is extremely important. So many times when the hair is not clarified from product build-up it can appear that a new product is not working. In reality, the hair is clogged and needs to be gently stripped of past products in order to benefit from the new product.


After using castor oil you’ll notice that your hair no longer feels dry. Brittleness gives way to flexibility. This makes hair strands less likely to snap off and break. breakage is a common issue with afro-textured hair.

Deep Conditioning

Using castor oil as a deep conditioning treatment or in addition to a hair mask can have can lasting benefits for afro-textured hair. To help the nutrients and moisture sink deeper into hair strands, apply heat. You can do this with a hooded dryer, a hair steamer, a heated conditioning cap, or by trapping in your own body heat with a plastic bag, or shower cap. deep conditioning keeps hair pliable for longer than regular conditioning would.