What is Deep Conditioning

Deep-conditioning helps improve your hair’s moisture content and keeps it hydrated. Deep-conditioners contain humectants that draw moisture to your hair shaft, reducing damage and breakage.Deep conditioning is the application of a thick and restorative formula to your hair, using steam or moist heat to encourage the penetration of the formula into your hair. The goal is to repair dry, damaged hair by rebuilding the hair’s molecular layer and replenish moisture, encouraging thicker, softer and revitalized hair.

How should I apply my Deep Conditioner?

With natural hair, it’s best to apply all your products from tip to root/scalp. This is because the hair that is brushing on our shoulders is the oldest, and the most prone to damage. When applying your Deep Conditioner, begin by sectioning off your hair. To have healthy long hair, get on a regular hair program. Uniformity is crucial when it pertains to expanding your ideal head of hair! This indicates creating a deep conditioning cycle/hair program and also staying with it!